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I’m Deborah, a believer, Eritrean and a busy working mom committed to seeing the world with my son Jonah. I’m also the CEO and founder of Tiny Global Footprints, and Jonah is my Co-CEO. 

We are a mom and son traveling duo and our purpose is to help make travel an essential part of childhood, by sharing our real-life international travel stories through our book series “Jonah’s Global Footprints.” Traveling together gives us the opportunity to bond like no other and for Jonah to learn the world around us. I love seeing the world through his eyes as we learn about history, geography, and new cultures. Which is why we want to continue sharing our story, and inspiring and motivating families to do the same.


Our first trip abroad was to the Dominican Republic when Jonah was 17 months old, at 20 months, we went to Dubai and Eritrea for a family trip. The travel trend only continued, and now at 9 years old he has been to 11 countries around the world, and we make it a priority to visit one or two countries a year. There is nothing like the joy of a child exploring a new place.

Even though it’s true that traveling with your kids abroad usually presents many unique challenges, it’s also true that overcoming those challenges is very rewarding because it helps you build a strong, independent, smart child and an unbreakable family bond that will last a lifetime.


We became best-selling authors after we published our first book, “The Search for Elephants in Thailand” in 2019, and in 2020 we published our second book, “Finding my Amigo in Cuba.” Jonah wrote two solo books in 2021 and 2022: “Basketball or Soccer?” and “What Does Daddy Do All Day?” before our third travel book, “Filling My Pockets With Nakfa in Eritrea,” was published (and became another best-seller) also in 2022! We bring back a story from each of the countries we visited and share it through our books so every child can get a taste of the places we’ve visited.

Traveling the world is the best classroom one can find. Travel ignites curiosity, and learning becomes an adventure instead of a chore. For every trip we take Jonah learns to count, say hello, and speak basic phrases in a new language. Travel expands the boundaries of their mind, develops their brains, and reminds kids that they are a part of something much bigger in the world.

On Tiny Global Footprints, I will share our passion, adventures, provide kid-friendly learning exercises, and share all my secrets traveling with a young child and making it fun!

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    Get to Know Us...

    1. Favorite Travel Destinations
    Cuba, Eritrea, and Thailand
    2. Favorite Foods
    Steak, beans & rice, and cheeseburgers
    3. Favorite Sports
    Basketball, Tennis, and Soccer
    4.  Favorite Activities
    Workouts, dancing and hiking
    5. Weekend Routines 
    Church, adventures and family time


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