Tiny Global Footprints

Global Footprints Stories podcast episode 4 of season 2; Jonah and Deborah each holding one of their books

Welcome to the fourth episode of season 2 of the Global Footprints Stories podcast!

In this episode, Deborah and Jonah deep dive into the two new books they published in 2022, including the inspiration for the books, how and when they were published, and so much more!

Their first book of 2022 was Jonah’s second solo book—What Does Daddy Do All Day?—which was published this past April. Their second book, the third of their Jonah’s Global Footprints series, was published in May: Filling My Pockets With Nakfa in Eritrea.

Listen in below or on your favorite podcast platform to get the full scoop on both of these fun new adventures! And if you want to get your own copies, head here.

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