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Global Footprints Stories podcast season 2 episode 5 - Deborah and Jonah interview Marcy Pusey

Welcome to the fifth episode of season 2 of the Global Footprints Stories podcast!

Ever wonder what goes into writing and publishing a book (or getting any kind of story onto a page)? In this episode, Deborah and Jonah are excited to interview their book editor (and fellow author, speaker, and coach) Marcy Pusey!

From her writing beginnings to how she supports clients share their stories today, Deborah and Jonah talk with Marcy about all things writing.

Learn more about Marcy, her work, and her books at

Listen in below or on your favorite podcast platform to get the full scoop on this conversation! And if you want to check out the books Marcy helped edit for Deborah and Jonah, head here.

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